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Trumpet Player. Composer. Songwriter. Educator. Entrepreneur.
"Meckler, a trumpeter and composer, joins a movement of composers who aim to forge a contemporary sound, among them Minnesota's Maria Schneider, Canadian Darcy James Argue and John Hollenbeck of New York." - Minnesota Public Radio
"Post-bop swirliness that’s certainly of this era, coasting along on Midwestern charm." - NextBop
"A thrillingly contemporary update of the jazz big band that both embodies Meckler’s musical generation and showcases his singular vision (not to mention his masterfully expressive trumpet playing)" - Evan Haga (Jazz Times)
"I just want to Thank You for your composition for our Jazz Band. The more we played 'The Summer Sun' this year the more moved I was by its greatness. You composed the piece that was obtainable by my group yet stretched them musically and emotionally. This piece has a special place in my heart and will be time stamped with this group of kids. Thanks for your inspiration and work on this piece. I hope that others will be able to enjoy it as much as we have." - Blair Burger, Fridley Middle School


New Album Coming 2024

Welcome! I'm happy that you're here. I've been working on a new album for around two years now. I had a bunch of really amazing producers and friends sample music by the Adam Meckler Orchestra, and turn those songs into new beats/songs for me to use. We've spent the last year finding collaborators to rap, sing, and play over these new tunes and the project is starting to take some serious shape. So much so, that we're in talks with Ropeadope Records on releasing the new album on their label! 

Sampled, as it will be called, will feature previous collaborators like Cameron Kinghorn, Jana Nyberg, and Toki Wright. It will also include acclaimed Brooklyn-based saxophonist Caroline Davis, Billboard top-10 charting indie DJ Gigamesh, and LA-based rapper Kyle Rapps. Minneapolis-based friends Kavyesh Kaviraj, Lucia Sarmiento, Scott Agster, and rappers Zha The Great and Carnage the Executioner are also featured. 

I will be announcing pre-orders of the album soon, including oft-requested vinyl options for the record. This is easily the biggest project I've worked on to date and I'm so excited for you to hear it. Sign up on the email sign up below so you don't miss the pre-order announcement. 

See you in the world! 

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