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New Album Out Now

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New AMO Double Album

More than a year has passed since the Adam Meckler Orchestra (AMO) released Magnificent Madness at Parkway Theater in Minneapolis. The energy from that night was palpable. An 18-piece band with special guests and a four-piece choir brought the house down. The music was raw, emotional, and grooving. The band played music from their 2019 and 2014 releases, as well as previously unrecorded tunes such as the fast swinging ‘Ponderosa Pine’, and light and grooving ‘Toulouse’, which features MC Toki Wright. Live in Minneapolis represents a decade of work in the Twin Cities. Meckler honing his craft. Grinding, writing, practicing, organizing, recording, touring, and networking. Just after this performance, Meckler’s family packed up their South Minneapolis home and drove to the Upper Peninsula, where he now serves as the Director of Jazz Studies at Michigan Technological University.

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